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four plants in coco coir pots

Embracing Nature: Why We Choose Coco Coir

Terrace Team
September 7, 2023
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At Terrace, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond words. We've chosen to ship all our houseplants in coco coir pots, and all our boxes use coco coir pith (raw husks) as a testament to this pledge, ensuring that every plant and product we send not only thrives, but does so in harmony with nature. When you receive your product, you can toss the packing stuff directly in the trash, put it in your compost, use it as a plant topper/mulch, or find a circular ways to repurpose it in a DIY project.

The Essence of Coco Coir Pots

Derived from the fibrous body between the husk and the coconut, coco coir pots are a testament to nature's ingenuity. They not only repurpose what would otherwise be a waste product but also provide an environment that mimics nature's own nurturing ground. This unique composition ensures that plants have a cozy home that's both sustainable and beneficial for their growth.

plant in a coco coir pot in a shipping box with coco
Why Biodegradable Matters

The beauty of coco coir pots lies in their ability to naturally integrate with the earth. As they break down, they enrich the soil with organic matter, enhancing its fertility. This process ensures a harmonious transition for plants, allowing them to spread their roots without hindrance. Moreover, it reduces the waste footprint, ensuring that we give back to the earth as much as we take.

Benefits of Coco Coir Pots

High permeability

Transplant Ease

Faster Cultivation


Growing Together, Naturally

At Terrace, we believe in choices that nurture both plants and the planet. Our dedication to coco coir pots is a reflection of this belief, promising a future where nature and nurture go hand in hand.

Ready to embark on your sustainable gardening journey?

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