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Conscious Consumerism

Digging Deeper: The Unsustainable Soil Secret in Our Gardens

Dontae Mears
September 6, 2023
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Growing up, I remember the distinct smell of opening a new bag of soil and the wave of peat moss hit me as my family and I prepared our garden beds each spring. It was the smell of promise, of green growth and blooming flowers. But as I went deeper into the world of horticulture and agriculture, I began to uncover a more complex story behind this seemingly innocent soil component.

Peat Moss: A Staple with a Price

For decades, peat moss has been the go-to choice for gardeners, farmers, and even house plant enthusiasts. Its water retention capabilities, combined with its ability to aerate soil, made it seem like a miracle ingredient. But every choice has a consequence, and the widespread use of peat moss is no exception1.

Peat bogs, the primary source of peat moss, are ancient ecosystems that have evolved over thousands of years. These bogs play a pivotal role in our environment:

A Personal Revelation

I have fond memories of a lush, swampy woodland just across the street from where I grew up. My siblings and I, along with a few neighborhood kids, would lose ourselves in that magical place, pretending we were on epic adventures.

But as time passed, that enchanting forest was replaced by a drainage canal, uniform trees, and a big box commercial establishment. The local wildlife, like deer and rabbits, were displaced, now seeking refuge in our neighborhood (munching on all our hostas 😭). While this example is not as catastrophic as the rising number of extreme weather events like fires, hurricanes, and floods, it's a stark reminder of how quickly our local environments are changing directly due to our impact.

The Path Forward

At Terrace, we decided to do things a bit differently. We've committed to using peat-free alternatives in our products. But this isn't just about us. It's about a collective shift in mindset. Every time we choose a sustainable alternative, we're voting for the kind of world we want to live in. 

So I challenge you to join us on this journey. Let's make choices that reflect our commitment to the planet. Whether it's opting for peat-free potting mix, supporting sustainable farming practices, or simply educating others about the importance of peat bogs, every action counts.

A Call to Action

Our wallets are powerful tools. Every purchase is a statement, a vote for the kind of world we want to leave behind for future generations. By choosing products that are sustainable, by supporting companies that prioritize the environment, we can make a difference. While it’s true that industrial farming & agriculture are the biggest culprits, it’s important for all of us to do our part. Together, we can pave the way for a more sustainable, more hopeful future4.

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